Clear Teeth Aligners

invisible-teeth-alignersClear aligners are alternatively known as invisible aligners. This orthodontic treatment allows dentists to correct crooked/misaligned teeth. These are a wonderful alternative for braces and can be removed, making them flexible and convenient for straighter teeth. If you have been contemplating whether to get clear braces, read on below as we discuss everything you need to know about  orthodontic clear alignment treatment.

Are Invisible Aligners Right for You?

This is one of the major questions dentists get from their patients during the treatment process. Invisalign trays can be used by those who need teeth straightening. Below, we outline some of the misalignment/malocclusion cases that a set of aligners can treat:

  • Overbite- This is when the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front ones.
  • Crowded teeth- When all your teeth overlap.
  • Diastema-When there is a small or large gap between teeth.
  • Open bite-When the front lower and upper teeth slant outward. As a result, your teeth do not touch when you shut your mouth.
  • Misaligned baby teeth-Orthodontists use a clear aligner to make room for the teeth that already exist and those yet to develop in children between 6 and 10 years.

Remember, they should be worn for at least 22 hours a day for at least 6 months or more. You may have to wear them longer to achieve straight teeth and a perfect smile.

Differences Between Traditional Metal Braces and Clear Braces

These two types of braces have a similar design. This design is crucial as it is meant for teeth straightening and a healthy smile. The major difference between these two types of brackets is
the material they are made of. The clear ones are made of polycrystalline alumina and can be clear or the color of teeth. On the other hand, metal braces are made of stainless steel and do not look as discrete as clear braces. Therefore, they are very noticeable when compared to ceramic brackets.

Additionally, the metal arch wire that makes clear braces is made of a lighter color that matches the brackets. This almost invisible look of the clear aligner treatment is convenient for those
who want teeth straightening without traditional braces.

Getting started with Clear Aligners

There are many clear aligner brands that you can invest in, including Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Sure smile. However, these need proper in-person consultation, which means your dentist or orthodontist will likely have a custom treatment plan. During the consultation a digital scan is taken as well as extra oral and intra oral photographs. Once the dentist approves your treatment plan, the clear aligners are fabricated in a production facility and sent to the dentist. At your first delivery appointment, small resin attachments are simply bonded onto to some of your teeth. This is a painless and easy process that does not require any needles. Then, your first few aligners are delivered and post op/home care instructions are reviewed.

Cost of Retainers

You will make a payment of between $3000 and $7000 for aligners. If you are wondering about how you will pay the cost of this dental procedure, you should talk to the finance coordinator at North Point Dental Associates and we can provide you with payment options as well as refer you to some credit lenders.

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