Am I a candidate for clear aligners?

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces for orthodontic issues including gaps, overlapped or crowded teeth. They’re made of a thin, transparent plastic that you wear on your teeth to move them into place gradually.

Clear aligners can treat patients in most misalignments and may be recommended for mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues. It’s important to note that they’re not suitable for everyone; if you have severe crowding or spacing problems, you may need more invasive treatment options instead. Clear aligner treatment can be a great option for people who want to avoid the look and feel of traditional braces. Unlike traditional braces, Sure smile clear aligners are removable, making maintaining good oral hygiene throughout treatment easier.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

  • Clear aligners may be a good option for mild to moderate alignment issues.
  • If you have crooked teeth or spacing in between teeth, you may be a candidate for clear aligners.
  • Younger patients can also benefit from clear aligners. However, their treatment is typically more involved than adults because they will need periodic adjustments throughout their growth until adulthood (around age 21).

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

  • Clear aligners are more discreet than traditional braces.
  • They’re also more comfortable because they don’t require metal brackets or wires to attach to your teeth.
  • And because they can be removed for special occasions (like weddings), clear aligners give you the best of both worlds: the aesthetics of a beautiful smile and the convenience of removable braces!

The Process of Getting Clear Aligners

The process of getting clear aligners is very simple. You’ll need to make two types of appointments: the initial consultation and the actual fitting. During your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our trained dentists, who will take a digital scan of your crooked or crowded teeth and gums. This scan is then sent off to be made into a set of aligners customized to fit your mouth exactly.

The second appointment involves having tooth colored attachments placed on your teeth by one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We will go over how to place and remove your aligners and how to care for them so you can start wearing your aligners!

Risks and Complications of Clear Aligners

While clear aligners are a safe and effective orthodontic treatment option for many people, they come with risks.

  • Tooth damage: If you’re not careful while wearing your aligners, they can cause chipping or cracking of the teeth. This may be due to improper fitting or chewing on hard objects like ice cubes while wearing them. To avoid this problem, always remove the aligner before eating or drinking anything other than water. You should also avoid chewing gum while wearing your aligners.
  • Gum irritation: Some patients report experiencing mild irritation around their gums when first starting treatment with clear aligners.


If you are a candidate for clear aligner treatment, clear aligners can be a great option. They’re just as effective than traditional metal braces and less noticeable.
If you’re considering getting braces but are worried about how they’ll look on your smile or how much they’ll cost, talk to us about SureSmile clear aligners and ask about our payment plans.