Same-Day Crowns

Same-day crowns also known as cerec crowns are essential just like traditional or conventional dental crowns. They are almost identical to traditional crowns in dentistry but can be made in the quickest time, less than 2 hours. Whereas, traditional or conventional dental crowns take about two weeks to be made offsite, in a dental laboratory. Same-day crowns are created through an in-office process with the help of computerized technology that helps design and fabricates the crown. The process begins as soon as the tooth is prepared, treated, and reshaped.

milling-ceramicSame-Day crowns are computer-aided since, in this process, your dentist will use a computer with a CAD/CAM system, which will help create a digital impression or image of the mouth that is customized. The impression or image from a CAD is later sent off for carving the designed tooth out of a ceramic block, in an in-office milling machine. With a same-day crown, in less than 2 hours, your dental health can be fully transformed from decayed, missing or damaged, to fully functional and restored at its best. The procedure is definitely a perfect fit and plays an essential role in the restoration of your smile, once it is complete.

Who qualifies for Crowns?

As mentioned earlier, using dental crowns helps cover your tooth while restoring its original size, appearance, shape, smile, and strength. The cost of crowning depends on the intensity of your oral damage. However, before any procedure, design, or decision, it is important for a patient to schedule an appointment with the dentist for further advice and guidance on what is right for their oral health. The steps that will be performed on adult patients is different from how the procedure will be handled on a child.

Crowns may be needed for various reasons which include:

  • Restoration of a tooth that is already broken or extremely worn down
  • Over a dental implant to give you a functional tooth where one was missing
  • When there is an inadequate amount of tooth structure leftover, crowns act as a cover and support large fillings
  • Crowns help you cover or make a cosmetic improvement to your existing teeth
  • Crowns help hold your dental bridge in place
  • They are an essential part of dental modification
  • They cover any teeth that are severely misshapen or discolored
  • Crowns help hold parts of a cracked tooth together and protect the weaker tooth from breaking or cracking

Difference between office same-day crown and lab crown

Same-day crowns are instantly created in our office with the help of technology such as a digital scanner and CEREC milling unit. In this procedure, digital casts of your teeth will be scanned to aid in the creation of the crown. The specialized ceramic material that matches your teeth’s shade will be utilized. The ceramic permanent crown will be ready in under an hour.

Materials applied in the creation of laboratory crowns include metal, ceramic porcelain, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. The biggest difference between the traditional and same day, aside from material options is the method applied to make the crown.

oven-for-dental-implantsSame-Day Crowns

No temporaries

In this procedure, there is no need for a temporary, and it consists of just a single dental office visit. You won’t have to schedule multiple dental office visits, no waiting around and you will get the perfect fit.

Ideal for any tooth

Same-day crowns look natural, are permanent, and with the help of the advanced technology used in the creation, they hold up perfectly well in any mouth position.

Are super strong

Same-day crowns are super strong, due to the material used in their creation. The materials used include an E-max ceramic and zirconia. This makes them just as tough as a lab-created crown. A lab-created crown may be recommended by your dentist on an individual basis for certain teeth.

For more details about our digital technology or anything else, feel free to call or book an appointment with us at any time.